Traffic is becoming a daily issue we face - but it doesn’t have to be. As our population grows and there are more cars on the road, Mike wants to increase funding for public transportation, offering better, more available solutions to your commute. He also will work to accept public funds to build a rail system between Texas Triangle cities. His plan to reduce urban sprawl via denser housing solutions will have additional impacts felt in your commute.

Criminal Justice Reform

Texas has more people incarcerated than any other country on earth. This leads to a massive impact on both the taxpayers and those incarcerated. Texas also executes more prisoners than every other state combined and does not offer meaningful opportunities for reform, leading to more recidivism. This combination leads to an outdated, inhumane, failing system. Mike will end the death penalty, a cruel, ancient practice. He will also legalize marijuana and pardon offenders with marijuana-related offenses. Mike will expand statewide social programs to help reduce recidivism and focus on domestic issues, helping to stop the problem at the source. Mike will also focus on police reform that provides solutions based on community-based support.

Workers Rights

Mike knows workers need a $15/hour minimum wage. It is unfair to prey on those that move the economy by expecting them to survive on unlivable wages. He will institute a $15/hour minimum wage with year-to-year adjustments for cost of living and inflation. 

Mike knows families are the foundation of our society. When a family welcomes a new life into the world, parents need time with that child to help it grow and develop. Mike will add six weeks to paternity leave and ensure there is a minimum of twelve weeks available for maternity leave. He will also fight for universal healthcare for all Texas workers, whether documented or not.

Reproductive Rights

What happens with a birthing person’s body is their choice - no one else’s. Mike will help repeal the dangerous heartbeat act and provide and fund abortions to all who need them. He will also expand healthcare coverage to ensure birthing people receive pre and post-natal coverage for at least a year each. Mike will fund adoption agencies and decrease adoption timeliness to provide another alternative for those that choose to carry a pregnancy to term. He will also provide funding for schools to create better messaging campaigns around sexual health and education to create a more educated youth.

Climate Change

Mike understands that climate change is real, and we have to use the science that has been presented to take action. Mike will work so Texas shifts towards clean, renewable energy and increase housing-zone density to reduce urban sprawl and waste. He will also work to fund carbon capture technologies to help reverse the effects of actions that have already taken place. Additionally, he will provide better funding and expand public transportation to reduce the amount of carbon-producing vehicles on the road.


Our education system is failing. We are underpaying our teachers and misusing public funds. Mike will fight for better wages for the people who shape the minds of our next generation. He will also ensure a more rounded curriculum, which includes teaching all events of our nation’s history, not just the government-approved ones. Mike will also allow undocumented Texans to attend primary and secondary schools, as he sees education as a human right. He will update school facilities by ensuring public funds are used for public schools, not private and charter schools.

Voting Rights

Mike knows fair, honest, and integral elections are the bedrock of our nation. He will fight to ensure every American’s vote counts. Mike will expand early voting dates, polling hours, and access to mail-in voting to increase the opportunities and avenues in which Texans can cast their ballot. He will create an automated voter registration system that allows new, of-age voters to register online and reduce purposefully-imposed government roadblocks.


Today, around 20% of Texans are uninsured. As one of the most prosperous states in the union, we owe Texans to provide universal healthcare, regardless of income, documentation, or employment. Mike will fight to accept funds and expand Medicaid, joining the majority of states to do so already. Mike will also fight to provide affordable, accessible, and safe birth control and abortion to those in need. Additionally, Mike will expand healthcare to include fertility treatments, pre, and post-natal care, and ensure Texans have coverage for at least 12 months before and after birth. Lastly, he will fight for parents to institute a minimum of 12 weeks of paid maternity leave and add six weeks of paternity leave.

Fixing the Energy Grid

Last year, we saw the devastating effects of an out-of-date and failing energy system. Texans were forced into a situation without power, necessities, and governmental support. A functional power grid should not be a party issue; it is a fundamental right for Texans. Mike will modernize the power grid and reform ERCOT to avoid the possibility of the same catastrophic situation we faced last year. He will shift the system to rely on newer, more renewable energy sources to continue Texas’ focus on being an energy leader. Lastly, and maybe most importantly, Mike will reform campaign finances so candidates cannot be bought off by big oil.

LGBTQ Rights

Texans are Texans, no exceptions. We have a responsibility to look out for every member of our community, and we need to do a better job furthering that commitment for the LGBTQ and Trans communities. 

Mike will start by expanding education in schools to make sure LGTBQ and Trans issues are heard, understood, and represented. He knows knowledge and dialogue are the first steps to creating an inclusive environment. He will also work for equal-opportunity housing, education, and extracurriculars to ensure no member of the community feels ostracized. He will partner with the local government to create LGBTQ educational programs to aid in creating a more robust social network within the community itself. Mike will also outlaw conversion therapy; he knows there is no place for it in Texas.


Housing is a defining issue in Texas, and Mike believes it is nothing short of a human right. A home is the foundation on which a family is built, but right now, it is getting harder for native Texans to afford that fundamental piece of the American dream. Austin’s population has increased 21% in the last ten years, but its housing costs have increased 84% over that same period. On top of that, the executive and legislature of the state government have not lifted a finger to help those in need. Instead, they have criminalized homelessness, exacerbating the current issues for those in need and subsequently footing Texans with the bill for their incarceration. 

Mike’s unique, solutions-based approach to the housing problem in Texas will help take the financial burden off of the taxpayer. He will work to expand public housing, and help get Texans back-to-work, off the streets, and in control of their lives. Mike will work to lower rental costs, reform tax codes, and to open section 8 housing vouchers.