Public Policy & Health Advocate Mike Hendrix Will Run for Texas State House

September 27, 2021

Austin, Texas --- Mike Hendrix, an experienced public policy, health, and prominent LGBTQ+ activist, today announced his decision to seek the Democratic nomination to represent Austin in the Texas State House. If elected, Hendrix would be the only openly gay man in the Texas Legislature. Once the Texas Legislature finalizes its redistricting plan, Hendrix will announce the specific Austin district for which he’ll campaign. Experts suggest that there may be as many as two open seats in Austin after redistricting.

Hendrix has over 25 years in public advocacy and has done grassroots for numerous progressive campaigns achieving an impressive 55-1 win record. An experienced community activist, Hendrix has worked with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Texas Criminal Justice Reform, ACLU of Texas, Hispanic Contractors Association and worked as a harm-reduction volunteer for AIDS prevention helping to start and support the Prep Project in Austin, Texas. (Now the Kind Clinic.)

“With the decision by Celia Israel to not seek reelection in the Texas House, we are losing a powerful progressive voice for Human Rights in the State Legislature. We need a voice for equality, women’s healthcare and reproductive rights. Women in Texas deserve a representative who fights as a ceaseless advocate for their reproductive rights. Texans everywhere deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. Equality for all is a God-given right.” said Hendrix. He continued, “In a state of 29 million people, we do not have one gay male legislator in the Texas House. That’s unacceptable, and it’s one of the reasons I’m running.”

Hendrix outlined his better vision for Austin: “I want to make Austin more affordable so families can afford to live in Austin and seniors won’t have to sell their homes to pay their property taxes, and young people can afford to pay the rent. Too many Austinites are being squeezed by rising property taxes and higher cost of living. We must make Austin more affordable.”

A longtime community organizer and health advocate, Hendrix called for “compassionate care” for those suffering from addiction and homelessness. “I want better education, prevention, and treatment for those suffering addiction and better healthcare so the homeless get the services they need and the care they deserve to help get them on the path to recovery.”

“As Texans everywhere face greater restrictions on their freedoms: to choose, to vote, to share in our economic recovery; my campaign is about ensuring those that have not, can live and prosper. We’re about making sure all Austinites can contribute and save the Austin we all love.”